After Daksha Yajna due to the absence of Parvathi, Lord Shiva left Kailasa and engaged himself in great penance at the base of Hemakuta. Before this event, a demon by name Tarakasura made hard and deep penance on Lord Shiva and pleased him. Lord Shiva granted him a boon that nobody could kill him except the son born to Lord Shiva. Having grown strong, the demon started troubling Gods and Goddesses and thus became a hard nut to them day by day.

All the deities prayed Lord Brahma (The Creator) to accord a way out to make an end to the life of the demon. Knowing the solution by his divine insight, Lord Brahma revealed them that the son born to Shiva only could kill Tarakasura, hence Lord Shiva's penance of should be broken. All the divine beings entreated and appealed Sri 'Manmatha to break Lord Shiva's meditation. At the same juncture Goddess Pampadevi was worshipping Lord Shiva near lake Pampa other side of the Tungabhadra River in order to get him wedded. At this time Manmatha hurried to Hemakuta Mountain and broke the penance of Lord Shiva by releasing his Pashionating flowery arrows. Lord Shiva being terribly enraged opened his third eye as a result of which Manmatha was burnt to ashes. Because of this event Lord Shiva got the name Sri Virupaksheshwara After that Gods and Goddesses gathered together and got Lord Shiva married to Pampambika. He was thus called Pampapathi. A son was born to them and was named as Shanmukha Then Demon Tarakasura was killed by Sri Shanmukha. There by torture of the demon to Gods and Goddesses came to an end.


Kishkinda was the native place of Vali and Sugreeva, the kings of Vanaras. Their followers namely Sri Hanumanta, Sri Jambavantha and many other important Vanaras also lived here. After the apaharana of Sitadevi, Sri Rama and Sri Lakshmana came to this region in search of her. Shri Rama and Sri Lakshmana came in contact with Sri Hanumantha. Sri Hanumantha introduced Sri Rama and Sri Lakshamana to Sri Sugreeva. Sri Rama's friendship with Sugreeva, their agreement, led to Sri Vali's assassination, crowning ceremony of Sugreeva and other events happened here. The names of places mentioned in Ramayana namely Anjanadri Parvatha, Malyavanta Parvatha, Rishya ( Sringa) Mooka Parvatha, Gandhamada Parvatha, Mathanga Parvatha, Shabari Guha and other important holy places are found here.


1MatangaParvata (hill) where Matanga Rishi’s Ashram was & where Sugriva stayed to escape from Vali
2MalyavantaParvatawhere Sri Rama &Lakshmanji stayed during chaturamasa (the rainy season)
3AnjanaParvata where Anjani Mata’s cave is - birthplace of Lord Hanuman
4RsyamukhaParvata Actual site of Kishkindhanagari
5Kodanda Rama Temple where Sri Ram anointed Sugriva as King of Kishkindha
6"Yantra" Hanumanji where Sri Ram &Lakshmanji met Hanumanji for the first time temple
7 Chakratirtha where Pampa river (Tungabhadra) turns northwards – where Matanga Rishi, Shabari Mata, Sri Rama, Lakshmanji, Hanumanji & all the Ramayana characters would have bathed
8 Sugriva’s Cave where Sugriva hid Sita Mata’s clothes & jewels dropped from the vimana as She was being taken away by Ravana
9 Chintamani Ashram from where Sri Ram fired the lethal arrow at Vali
10 ValiKasta where Vali was cremated & where his ashes lay for a long time very difficult to locate the huge pile has been almost fully levelled by the locals for farming
11 ValiKilaVali's Fort behind the Durga Devi temple - where Vali had his kingdom in the Satya Yuga
12 Pampasarovar The Pampa lake, as described in the Ramayana
13 Shabari Ashramwhere Shabari Mata waited for Lord Rama abutting Pampasarovar